Add a little Beautiful to your dinner!

CITRUS-GLAZED SALMON WITH AVOCADO SALSA Impress someone with very little effort with this gorgeousness!  Fast and easy this dish has the lightest flavors, but they all work to make it spicy-sweet and the salmon buttery-smooth.  If you can, using fresh salmon with this is the best. (The only reason my salsa looks sooooo gorgeous is…

Take out? Not.

ORANGE CHICKEN In case you thought this was a thing of the past…think again!  No sugar added, high in protein, fill-you-up goodness that will stand up to the restaurant stuff any day of the week. A pot of Jasmine rice for your family and a crisp green salad with toasted almonds is all you need….

Sitting on an orange cloud!

ORANGE CHIFFON PIE I don’t know if you love soft, fluffy, airy, light, sweet, simple, gorgeous desserts…(!)…if not, this may change your mind. This pie is not heavy or dense, so after a protein meal it’s wonderfully wonderful! (If you don’t like the thought of using raw egg whites, the powdered meringue would work, also….

Blueberry-Orange Custard – a gorgeous WOW!

BLUEBERRY-ORANGE CUSTARD A super-silky custard studded with blue jewels and speckled with the bright orange zest. You could use blackberries, raspberries, or diced fresh peaches or nectarines in this also. What a delicious,  treat…and the calorie count makes it even more beautiful! ~~~~   1 cup blueberries 1 tablespoon orange zest 4 eggs, beaten Pinch…