SUPERBOWL!! Go team! (I’m faking it…sorry to say…)


I’m really not that overcome with the need to watch the game, but I don’t mind making snacks for those who do.  If you’re short on ideas here’s a few that would be a good addition to the table.

Even those who don’t necessarily want to eat “healthy” won’t know the dif.  It’s just good food!

ROASTED TOMATO BRUSCHETTAtoast a baguette and pile it around a bowl of this…so, so good.

AVOCADO DEVILED EGGS – Easy, easy and fun!  Make lots…they’re also addictive.

ARTICHOKE-SPINACH DIP-STUFFED MUSHROOMS – This is one of my ALL time favorite things to eat – and I don’t really care for mushrooms.  Leftover dip can be baked and served with whole grain tortilla chips.

BAKED SANTE FE BEAN DIPA friend’s boys call this “crack” dip…it’s always good and one of the first things to disappear.  A big bowl of  Frito’s Scoops for the carb-lovers, and on a plate with a pile of avocados and sour cream stirred in for us.  WOW.

LAYERED GELATIN DESSERTYUM!  Do it in your team colors – maybe…

MOCHA CAKENumber One, hands-down favorite cake that I make.  (You can halve the recipe very easy, if needed.)  Serve simply with whipped cream – nothing else needed, at all.

BANANA-CHIP BARSEveryone loves these.

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  1. Finally, someone who will be doing something other than watching the SuperBowl today. I will be taking care of my kids, exercising, cooking, blogging and preparing for a very busy week ahead. I gave my reader’s my “take” on how to prepare for game day as well. Not so sure they’ll be thrilled with my view on things. Heck, I don’t even know who is playing.

  2. CaSaundra says:

    I would have loved to be a guest at your Super Bowl bash–such healthy, but delish food–perfect!

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