Caramel Sauce…lower sugar


There aren’t any (that I’ve found) rich, decadent caramel sauces out there that don’t contain sugar alcohols.  I just can’t eat those very often but NEED a good caramel sauce more times than I care to admit!

Since I use Whey Low I can now make my own and have it when I want it and not suffer any ill effects.  (Re: toxic-waste, green cloud…if you catch my drift!!)

Whey Low will cook to the soft ball/hard ball/soft crack/hard crack stages of candy making, so you can make this recipe into a pourable sauce, or even into chewy, buttery, fabulous caramels.  How wonderful is that?!

(Don’t shoot me – I never said it was calorie-less!)




1/4 cup real butter

1 1/4 cup Whey Low Gold

1/3 cup heavy cream

1/8 teaspoon salt

1/8 teaspoon cream of tartar

In a small saucepan melt the butter over medium heat.  Whisk in the Gold, cream, salt, and cream of tartar.  Bring to boil and boil, stirring frequently, for 2 1/2 minutes.  (Boil for longer if you want a thicker sauce.  Five minutes will result in caramel that resembles taffy when the sauce is cooled.)

Allow to cool for a few minutes and pour into a small glass pitcher or bowl.  This will keep for 2 weeks in the fridge.  Heat in the microwave for a few seconds to pour or drizzle.  If it gets too thick, heat it with a couple more tablespoons heavy cream.

Makes approx. 16 tablespoons

Per Tablespoon: Calories 47; Protein 0 g; Fat 4 g; Carbs 4 g; Sugar 4 g; Sodium 21 mg

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  1. Amy says:

    OMG Linda, I LOVE YOU! I was just wondering a day or two ago if I could make candy with whey low. What do you think about peanut brittle. I will be making this sauce for Christmas! 🙂 You are wonderful!

  2. Deb L says:

    Hi!! Just wondering what the stats are for the awesome caramel sauce made with Whey Low. THANK YOU SO MUCH for introducing us to this wonderful product! YOU ROCK!!!


    1. Linda says:

      Just put them up there!

      Isn’t this stuff AmAzInG?!

  3. Freddie Summers says:

    Linda – you have done it again! This looks fabulous and I will make it this weekend. I have made hard candy with Whey Low and it turns out great. I have made marshmallows with it for several years – you can make any flavor you want and they toast beautifully! Chocolate malt marshmallows are a favorite as are peppermint (for the holidays.)

  4. Deb L says:

    TY Linda for the info.

    I bet I could make “Aunt Bill’s Candy” with the whey low. OMG, it is SO good but uses sweetened condensed milk too. OHOHOHOHOH I can make your SCM and use it. Ok, now I gotta get my mad scientist hat out! lol!

    1. Linda says:

      For candy (and I’m gonna try it with the 7 layer magic bars!) I would make the SCM with the whey low granular or powdered.

      With Splenda it is good in custards, mousses, things like that, but for the sticky-ness that IS SCM the Whey Low would make it over the top!

  5. Freddie says:

    I made the caramel sauce this morning. Linda, I don’t have words that would be complementary enough to express how delightful this sauce is! I am going to use it to drizzle over an ice cream pie with a crisp meringue crust. Perfect! Thank you so much for your willingness to share these fabulous recipes with us. You are such a wonderfully tallented person.

    Merry Christmas!

  6. Tammy says:

    Hey Linda, so if I wanted to make caramels (the square kind), would I let it go 5 minutes as you suggest? Or just make it and let it set and harden? I love the idea of having the sauce in my fridge, but I’d also like to have some candies around when I get cravings. Thank you!

    1. Linda says:

      When I boiled the sauce for 5 minutes and let it sit, it hardened to the point of having to REALLY pull on the whisk to get it out. And it resembled warm taffy – that consistency, when you are ‘pulling’ taffy.

      I would think 5-6 minutes – then pour it into a very buttered pan, let set, and then slice or tear off chunks and shape. (If they aren’t hard enough for you, next time boil it another minute.) You can wrap each piece in waxed paper to keep them from sticking together. HOW FUN!!

  7. Rhonda says:

    Linda, I recently started doing weekly farmers markets and am looking for low or no sugar spreads and jams that i can process in canning jars. Also dressings and portable foods that are farmers market worthy. I think if I can show people that these things can taste very good without spiking up your blood sugars, they would go for it. I’ve tried some recipes from canning books, but wasn’t thrilled with the results. I’m sure you could 🙂 Feel free to contact me directly. Thanks very much.

  8. Vanessa says:

    We just don’t have Whey Low in my’s so there anything else we can use??

    1. Linda says:

      I don’t either, doll…I order it directly from the company and it’s actually a WAY better deal than buying in a store. Their shipping is fairly quick, and the more you order the better the deal – and shipping’s free after a certain amount.

      There really isn’t anything else that doesn’t have sugar alcohols in it. The Nature Sweet is okay, and I’ve made the peanut brittle with it, so you could probably get a pretty good caramel sauce.

      But then, you’d most likely have to order THAT!! Might as well get the WL!

      I know it is so frustrating to not be able to run down to a store and get something.

  9. Shana says:

    Hi Linda,

    I was wondering if you could use granular Splenda, instead of the whey low?

    1. Linda says:

      Hey doll! Splenda doesn’t caramelize like Whey Low does. It just sort of sits there and melts into nothingness. It may get a little thicker as it boils down, but will never become the dark golden color or get that “chewy” caramel feel.

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  11. I’m thinking it might be time to revive this recipe with a little caramel apples!

  12. says:

    Hello, this sounds like a terrific recipe! Have you tried to caramelize the whey low before adding the butter and ream like in a real caramel sauce recipe?

    Thanks!!!! Diane

  13. Karen Manning says:

    Wow! You’ve done it again! This sauce is wonderful. I use Whey Low all the time but never thought of using it this way. I’m telling you . . .you need to do a cook book. Is be the first to buy it!,,,

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